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Top 10 Trends in Project Management

Here are the Top 10 Trends in Project Management according to a recent article published in Baseline Magazine. As the saying goes, “Trend is your Friend“. I wanted to share this with everyone and I hope it will help identify opportunities in your current job and organization.

I completely agree with the author’s points, especially the first one. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing today at its lowest finish in over 2 years, companies should revisit their Project Management metrics to identify enhancement opportunities for keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

1. Investment in project management training to counter effects of a troubled economy.

2. Better, faster project decision-making.

3. Critical thinking as a key project management competency.
Agree! See my earlier posts on Mindset and Strategic Planning.

4. Emerging relevance of the project management office.

5. Codependency between project management and enterprise analysis.

6. Project managers taking leadership roles in organizational change.

7. Communication challenges of remote team management.

8. Earning certification.

9. Navigating the overlap between PM and BA tasks.

10. Talent management’s impact on business ROI.

Here’s the link to the entire article: